May 6

2023 Grand Teton Race Guide

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It’s going to be so great to be back at the Grand Teton National Park! Seriously, there isn’t anything better than getting to look at those beautiful Grand Teton mountains as the sun rises on them in the morning. You are absolutely going to love this race, we think its one of the best half marathons in the US!

For all of the race details, please check out the Race Guide and Vacation Races podcast. The podcast is an audio version of the Grand Teton race guide and provides the same great information in a fun, lively one-hour listen. Pop it on while you run errands, fold laundry, or whatever mundane task you need to spice up! The standard digital race guide will allow you to see where the expo is, where to park, etc. We recommend that you pay attention to these pages:

  • Page 2-3: Race Expo + Bib Pick-up
  • Page 4-5: Half Marathon Race Details
  • Page 5: Half Marathon Map + Elevation
  • Page 6: Parking + Spectator Info
  • Page 7: 5k Race Info
  • Page 11: Cup-free Policy

With that, the Race Guide for the 2023 Grand Teton Half Marathon is officially out and you can read it now! We cover everything you need to know, so please take the time to read it. You also have the option to listen to an audio version of the Race Guide on our podcast. 

Charity Bibs

On race day, you may notice some people with different markings on their bib. If you look at the special indication area of the bib, you may see our Wander Project logo (a small teal circle in the top right corner), they are running as part of our Charity Bib Program.

Charity Bib athletes fundraise for their race registration. They have the option of fundraising for one of our official partners, or they can fundraise for a cause of their choice. It's a great way to add a little extra "oomph" to your running journey and it helps a wide variety of deserving causes.

To learn more about how to run with a Charity Bib or to support some of our existing athletes, visit this page!

Want to hear some beautiful native history?

Thousands of years before fur trappers and early pioneers settled the area, Paleo Indians hunted along the lakes and rivers and harvested the valley’s bounty. Migratory Native Tribes like the Crow, Bannock, Blackfoot, Flathead, Gros Ventre, Nez Perce, and others would make summer camp here.

It was a neutral crossroads for trade and travel routes. One tribe did not lay claim to this place, but evidence suggests they all had a spiritual connection to it - using the high peaks as part of their visions quests.

The only tribe known to live here year round were the Mountain Shoshone. One theory says the early French named the range les trois tétons (the three breasts). Another theory says the range is named for the Teton Sioux, also known as the Lakota people. It is likely that the local Shoshone once called the whole range Teewinot, meaning “many pinnacles”.

About You!

  • We’ll have runners in attendance from 3 countries and 49 of the US states!
  • 65% of you will be visiting Grand Teton National Park for the first time!
  • 20% of you will be participating in your first half marathon! Nice job!


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