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Camping Options at Zion National Park

Range RV Campground

If you already have an RV, camper, or trailer, all you need to do is find a place to park it. Range RV Campground is our favorite choice for those wondering where to stay in Zion National Park. This campground is outside of town, but not far from the park, Range RV offers visitors the opportunity to have a scenic campsite with comforts like hook ups, showers, and laundry.

At the campground, you can find the following amenities:

  • Full & partial hookup sites

  • Bathrooms & showers

  • Pool & spa (coming soon!)

  • Laundry

  • Wi-Fi

In addition to these creature comforts, Range RV Campground also serves enviable views of Wire Mesa just outside Zion National Park. Wire Mesa is popular among locals as a great spot for mountain biking. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Wire Mesa is a great spot to explore when you want a break from the crowds of Zion National Park. Again, this is a spot for mountain bikers, so if you plan to hike instead of bike, yield to bikers when they approach. 

Located in Apple Valley, Range RV Campground is about a 45-minute drive to the south entrance of Zion National Park, making it one of the convenient places to stay near Zion National Park. This is about the closest you can get to the park without staying in town or inside the park. If you're trying to avoid additional crowds, Range RV is a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

BONUS! If you're one of our Zion Ultra runners, Range RV Campground is just 7 minutes away from the start line of the race. Win!

Camping in Zion National Park   

Lava Point Campground

Lava Point Campground is a small campground located off Kolob Terrace Road. From the South Entrance of Zion Canyon, it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to drive to the campground. Lava Point Campground is typically open from May through September. Reservations are available on a 2-week rolling basis and must be made in advance on

Watchman Campground

Watchman Campground is open 365 days a year and is the most popular campground inside the park. Tent and electric campsites are available all year, while group campsites are only available from March through November. All sites include a place for a tent or RV, a picnic table, and a fire ring. Zion National Park recommends making reservations up to six months ahead of your visit to ensure you have a campsite. Visit to make reservations. 

South Campground

South Campground is located on the other side of the Virgin River from the Visitor Center. When open, it is a popular camping spot because of its close access to the park shuttles, visitor center, and the town of Springdale. As of 2023, South Campground is still closed for maintenance and repairs.

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness camping options are for backpackers who have a wilderness permit. Backpackers may not camp in established campgrounds (Lava Point, Watchman, or South Campground) unless they have a reservation for one of these sites. Instead, backpackers should camp in designated Wilderness campsites and camp areas.

Whether you're seeking camping near Zion National Park or considering places to stay near the park, such as zion national park lodging, there are various options available. From Range RV Campground outside of town to Lava Point and Watchman Campgrounds within the park, each offers its own unique advantages. These options provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Zion while enjoying comfortable accommodations. Take advantage of the convenient amenities, beautiful surroundings, and close proximity to Zion's trails and attractions. Plan your trip, make reservations as needed, and enjoy a memorable camping experience or lodging in and around Zion National Park. 


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