May 25

Genius Ways to Use Your Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask is a household staple for many people who spend ample time outdoors or are always on the go. Hydro Flask makes bottles, tumblers, travel coffee mugs, and more that can keep your food or beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours. With dozens of options to choose from, it's super easy to build your own Hydro Flask stash for special adventures and daily life.

Besides holding water or coffee, what else is a Hydro Flask good for? You came to the right place.

Take your ice cream to go!

We've left a wide mouth bottle of ice water in direct sunlight in Arizona for 6+ hours and the water was still cold when we opened it at the end of the day.

So, on another warm day, we tried it with ice cream. And guess what? It worked! After a few hours of driving to our hiking destination, walking the trail, and finding a good picnic spot, we cracked open the Hydro Flask and boom! Ice cold strawberry ice cream was waiting for us. Next time, we'll bring more than one spoon!

Roll out some dough.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Ever been without the right tool for the job? We're sure you can opener for your beans, an absent corkscrew with a bottle of wine, and a lump of pizza dough with no rolling pin and zero "dough throwing" skills. Before you feel too SOL, remember you can use your Hydro Flask to roll out your dough. At least with your Hydro Flask you can roll out the dough.

And if the rest of your kitchen is lacking durable gear, grab a few stainless steel serving bowls and gadgets in your favorite color.

It takes two...

Hydro Flask is pretty good about not retaining the flavor of beverages after a good washing. But lots of us still like to keep our water bottles separate from our other beverages. Wherever you go, bring two with you! One for water and the other for fun. What you put in your "for fun" bottle is totally up to you! You'll probably find iced coffee or a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail!) in our "for fun" tumbler.

Take your Hydro Flask on a date.

Heading to a restaurant? Bring along some Food Jars for leftovers! We know what you're thinking, "no way am I doing that!" And we know, it does take some getting used to, but Hydro Flask's stainless steel Food Jars are so much sturdier than those flimsy Styrofoam clamshells that you get at restaurants. How many times has your food leaked out of those disposable containers during your drive home? No one wants to shampoo red sauce out of their car carpet the next day, so just bite the bullet and get some food containers that are durable, leak proof, and will keep your food hot — you know, for that late night snack that you'll inevitably want.


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