October 30

Things to do in Reykjavík


Ah, Reykjavík! A vibrant city in a beautiful country that has captured the hearts of many bloggers, globe-trotters, and travel enthusiasts. In the last decade, Iceland has quickly become THE place to visit. Heralded for its other-worldly landscape, friendly culture, and quirky nature, there's something for just about everyone in this small island nation.

If you've arrived in Reykjavík and find yourself with extra time on your hands, there's no shortage of things to do. Get a lay of the land with some of these activities and maybe you'll stumble upon your own Icelandic hidden treasure!

🚲 Rent scooters for a ride around town

Hopp scooters are a common sight all over Reykjavík! Download the app to find a nearby scooter to rent and head out to explore the city on two wheels.

🪐 Visit the Perlan Musem

Experience the wonders of Iceland at its biggest exhibition center. Book a planetarium show to learn about the elusive dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

🍆 Visit the Phallological Museum

Looking for a unique afternoon? Stop by the Phallological Museum for a collection of penises from all mammals found in Iceland. Are you blushing?

🔱 Find Leif Eriksson

Head to the center of town to find the Leif Eriksson monument. Then, treat yourself to as much of the famous Icelandic ice cream (Bragðarefur) that you can eat! 


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