November 1

Neocaching…it’s been a good run.

We are sad to say that we are sunsetting the Neocaching app for our Explorer Club Program. The Neocaching app gave recommendations of things to do, hikes to complete, and other noteworthy activities at the US national parks. The app was an expansion on our existing Club Hikes that have encouraged and challenged athletes to get out and explore the parks even more on their own two feet!

We always encouraged Vacation Races athletes to use the Neocaching app to help plan their visits to the US national parks and while there was initial interest, ultimately, the app was not utilized enough to justify its continued development.

For those who were big fans of the app, we're sorry to disappoint, but we hope you enjoyed the fun while it lasted! The good news is that the golden nuggets of information that you found in the Neocaching app aren't disappearing for good. You will still be able to access PDF versions of the recommendations here. Further, we will continue to make activity and hiking recommendations here on our blog and on our social media channels.

Thanks to all who supported the app and we hope to see you out there on the trails!

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