November 20

Where is Patagonia? And Why You Need to Go There

Close your eyes and imagine a land of breathtaking landscapes, where towering mountains meet thousand-year-old glaciers, and pristine lakes stretch as far as the eye can see. This magical place exists, and it's called Patagonia. But where exactly is Patagonia, and why should you drop everything and go there? Jump in and let us show you what you’re missing.

Patagonia is a vast and remote region located at the southern tip of South America. It spans roughly 260,000 square miles across both Chile and Argentina, making it one of the most awe-inspiring destinations on the planet. Here's why you absolutely need to experience Patagonia:

Majestic Mountains

Patagonia is home to some of the world's most awe-inspiring peaks, including the iconic Mount Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine. Whether you're an avid mountaineer or a casual hiker, these dramatic landscapes offer incredible opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Glaciers Galore

Patagonia is the land of glaciers, with the famous Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina and Grey Glacier in Chile stealing the spotlight. Witness the mesmerizing blue ice formations and even embark on a glacier trekking expedition to get up close and personal with these frozen giants.

On our popular trip to Patagonia, we get travelers up-close and personal with Perito Moreno Glacier with a boat ride to the glacier wall where you can see calving and a guided ice hike where we trek up the 20,000 year old glacier.

Endless Adventure

Known as the land of opposites and with such a rugged landscape, Patagonia is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. From high-thrill activities like sky diving and paragliding to more accessible adventures like hiking or kayaking through pristine fjords, there's no shortage of thrilling outdoor activities to choose from. You can even try your hand — or ice pick, should we say —at ice climbing if you dare!

trekkers at glacier perito moreno

Wildlife Encounters

Patagonia is a haven for wildlife and naturalists flock to the region to catch sight of some elusive and beautiful creatures. On a typical visit, keep your eyes peeled for guanacos, a type of camelid native to South America. The guanaco looks a lot like a llama or alpaca. You could also see the South American gray fox, more affectionately known as the chilla or the gray zorro, and if you’re really lucky and patient, you could see a stealthy puma.

If birds make your heart take flight more than mammals, you’re in for a treat! Look out for the Andean Condor and Darwin’s Rhea (similar to an emu) on your visit to Patagonia.

Unspoiled Beauty

Perhaps the most compelling reason to visit Patagonia is its unspoiled beauty, so if you didn’t gather that already, we hope you’ll feel compelled to visit and see for yourself shortly. With its remote location and strict conservation efforts, Patagonia remains a pristine wilderness that feels untouched by time. The serenity and sense of wonder you'll experience here are simply unmatched.

beachfront near la leona dunes

Patagonia is not just a place; it's an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. It's a destination that promises awe-inspiring landscapes, thrilling adventures, and a profound connection with nature. So, if you've ever dreamed of exploring the edge of the world, pack your bags and set your sights on Patagonia – a land of dreams waiting to be discovered.


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