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Vacation Races Mission, Vision, and Principles

Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge perceived limitations and showcase human potential by creating a community of belonging through innovative, thoughtfully planned, and sustainable endurance events in sought-after destinations.

Our Vision

To be the global leader of endurance event production, centered around sought-after destinations worldwide.

Our Principles

Community, integrity, grit,  gratitude, and innovation.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, and providing the only national park races at the time, Vacation Races’ foray into racing events focused on three different, regional parks – Zion, Rocky Mountain and Lake Powell. Over the years we have expanded to provide nation-wide and international running opportunities from elite ultra marathon events to our all-inclusive trail-running Global Adventures. 

We are motivated each day by our mission to promote health and an inclusive running community where all can participate in outdoors events against the backdrop of our country's, and our world's, majestic National Parks and public lands. 

We invite you to run, walk, jog, or roll with us to your next big finish line!


"Leave the roads; take the trails."

- Pythagoras

Our Principles in Action

Community is...

Loyalty, love, family, compassion, environment, nature, humility, trust, connection, respect, dignity, equality, stewardship, joy, belonging, consideration of all stakeholders, and sustainability.

  • Community looks like: Caring for and supporting the people and places that we have the opportunity to connect with.
  • Community sounds like: Respectful conversations that build trust with each other. It sounds like owning mistakes and learning from the people we work with and serve. 
  • Community feels like: A place where we can be vulnerable. It feels like a safe space where we can all learn and grow.

Integrity is...

Honesty, truth, authenticity, self-awareness, humility, competence, vulnerability, accountability.

  • Integrity looks like: Doing our best work and leaning on our community to complement each individual’s skills/talents. It looks like being accountable for our actions and holding each other accountable as well.
  • Integrity sounds like: Being able to have honest and truthful conversations that encompass diverse perspectives. It sounds like sharing and receiving feedback in a respectful manner.
  • Integrity feels like: Being true to yourself and doing what you know is right regardless of circumstances.

Grit is...

Courage, bravery, adventure, determination, optimism, faith, passion, and perseverance especially when faced with challenges.

  • Grit looks like: Stepping outside of what is comfortable to grow. It looks like believing in our passions and working relentlessly to achieve them. When we find a way to do things when all seems lost, or when the odds are not in our favor.
  • Grit sounds like: Conversations that challenge the norm.
  • Grit feels: Uncomfortable but optimistic.

Gratitude is...

Being aware that each day is a gift, and that nothing should be taken for granted. Acknowledging that we only exist as an organization because our customers allow us to.

  • Gratitude looks like: Being generous with our own time, gifts, and talents, and being respectful of others.
  • Gratitude sounds like: Sharing stories that inspire us and recognizing those who contribute.
  • Gratitude feels like: An abundance of grace, appreciation, and peace.

Innovation is...

Creativity, resourceful problem-solving, adaptability, an intense focus on the problem to be solved, and making changes to something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas.

  • Innovation looks like: Creatively focusing on solving problems with lasting solutions, inline with customer input. It looks like rapid iteration, and the humility to accept negative feedback. 
  • Innovation sounds like: Openness to change and thoughtful consideration of new ideas regardless of the source.
  • Innovation feels: Risky when you start, like foolishness when done poorly, but like magic when done well. It feels like reading the customer’s mind and then delivering an experience the customer didn’t even know they needed.

Trusted By More Than 27,000 Runners

We think our events are pretty great, but don't take our word for it. We're honored to have a community of runners who actively support us - and one another! 

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