The half marathon race day is August 1, 2020 with the race starting promptly at 6:00 am.

Parking & Shuttles

We will have plenty of parking to accommodate all of our runners. There are four designated parking spots near the fair grounds that are a short walk to both the start line and the finish line. Volunteers will be directing traffic and showing runners and spectators where to park. We will fill up the parking lots in order. To park, you will come down Highway 7 and turn onto Manford towards the fairgrounds and be directed from there.

1. Finish line (near the lake)*
2. Ball fields
3. High School & Aquatic Center
4. Fairgrounds

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*NOTE: The Finish line parking area will close at 5:00 am on race morning to prepare for the road closure and the race to begin.

DROP-OFFS: If you are dropping a runner off, please go to the orange area on the map. Enter drop off area and circle out of the parking lot to exit. This will help avoid any traffic jams near the area.


4:00 am – Start Line Parking Opens
4:30 am – Raffles Begin at Start Line (one every five minutes)
5:15 am – All Cars Should Be Parked
5:30 am – Start Line Parking Closes/ Last Prize Raffle
5:45 am – Runners Line Up/Last Call For Gear Check.
5:55 am – National Anthem
6:00 am – RACE STARTS
8:45 am – Awards Ceremony

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