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Explorer Club Program

Our Vacation Races team has put together activity lists of our community favorites at the U.S. National Parks! These scavenger hunt style lists give help you explore each park based on your interests.

Plus, you can earn points to receive a wooden Explorer Club badge!

Wheel of activity categories, including History, Hiking, Explore, Food/Dining, Education, and Stewardship

Conquer the Parks with Vacation Races' Explorer Club

Wheel of activity categories, including History, Hiking, Explore, Food/Dining, Education, and Stewardship

With the Explorer Club, you can have as broad or as deep of an experience with National Parks and the surrounding communities as possible. This scavenger hunt style activity list is made up of all kinds of adventures and experiences you can have here at each location.

Each activity is worth a certain number of points (with opportunities to “level-up”). Earn enough points and you earn yourself the official location Explorer Club badge! This scavenger hunt has so many of our favorites in it, whether you have an afternoon or a week in the area you should be able to plan an amazing itinerary with these suggestions. Happy exploring!

Staff Favorites

The Vacation Races team has been hiking around the parks for 11+ years! These activities are some of our tried and true favorites.

Angels Landing

New Experiences

Dive deeper and wider into the parks! We include both popular activities and off-the-beaten path choices for every type of explorer.

Skiers riding a chair lift at brian head resort

Earn Badges!

The more you explore, the more points you earn! Submit your points online and you could earn an Explorer Club badge.

Explorer Club Activities

Joshua Tree National Park

Explore Hidden Valley, take a horseback riding tour, or see a flick at the local drive-in movies.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Rise with the dawn for smoky views, visit a bear rescue, or taste locally made hand pies.

Lake Powell/Glen Canyon National Recreation Center

Water sports, slot canyons, and desert hikes define the rugged and wonderful world of this park.

Saguaro National Park

Take a picturesque stroll to Valley View Outlook, explore Tucson, and get prickly with Saguaro, Cholla, and countless more cacti.

Yosemite National Park

Biking, rock-climbing, waterfall hunting, and more are open to you at Yosemite!

Zion National Park

From iconic Angel's Landing to hidden favorites from our local team - Zion has no shortage of activities.

- Check back for activities in more National Parks -

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