Race medal for the Portugal Azores all-inclusive running trip with Global Adventures by Vacation Races
Race medal for the Portugal Azores all-inclusive running trip with Global Adventures by Vacation Races

Portugal: The Azores

8 days, 6 races, countless adventures!






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Solitary, Serene, & Unforgettable

Solitary, Serene, & Unforgettable

Among snorkeling enthusiasts, the Azores of Portugal is one of the most coveted spots to explore under the sea. On land, this cluster of nine volcanic islands houses some of the best hiking and outdoor experiences around.

We'll spend our time on Faial and Pico islands, home to world class trails and Portugal's youngest (and largest) stratovolcano. Come along for a week of splendid scenery, colorful hydrangeas, and delicious wines and seafoods in "Europe's Hawaii."

  • Hotels, meals, and local transport included!
  • International flight not included
  • 8 days/7 nights all-inclusive trip
  • Guided trail runs and hikes (5-12K each)
  • Daily afternoon activities

"...you're guaranteed to leave with tired legs and a full heart."

- 2022 Global Adventurer

Meet Your Host Region: The Azores, Portugal

Nestled in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Azores are a stunning archipelago of nine volcanic islands. As an Autonomous Region of Portugal, the Azores have its own regional government and administration. Of course, some matters like foreign and monetary policy still remain under the central government of Portugal.

These charming islands are known for incredible hiking, world-class snorkeling, and cheerful hydrangeas that seem to grow everywhere on the islands. The Azorean culture is a harmonious blend of Portuguese traditions and unique island influences. From its vibrant festivals like the "Festas do Espírito Santo" to its delectable cuisine featuring fresh seafood and the famed Azorean pineapple, the Azores offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.


Saō Miguel and Pico






63° / 52° in

May & Oct


Volcanic mountains and valleys


Whale & dolphin watching

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