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We're scouting a new destination for 2024!

We're scouting a new destination for 2024!



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Make Memories Where History Meets the Sea

With over 300+ days of sunshine each year, this west coast country in Southern Europe is a great place to visit anytime! Portugal is known for its captivating architecture, stunning beaches and delicious cuisine. This adventure will start on the mainland where we'll make our way through the varied terrain, sipping port wine and tasting pastel de nata (custard tarts) along the way before visiting some of the Islands in the Azores archipelago with trail running terrain you've only dreamed of.

Our team is headed to Portugal soon to build the perfect itinerary for this week-long, all-inclusive trip. While they are out scouting the trails, we'd love to hear from you! What does the perfect Portugal trip look like for you?

While much is still in the air, some items stay the same for all Global Adventures:

  • Expected Trips: May & October 2024
  • 7-9 day all-inclusive trip
  • 6+ trail runs and hikes (7-12K)
  • Daily afternoon activities

We love to listen to you!

If there are must-sees and do's on your Portugal list - please let us know.

"'re guaranteed to leave with tired legs and a full heart."

- 2022 Global Adventurer

Meet Your Host Country: Portugal

A vibrant country on the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe, Portugal is a land of rich history, culture, and natural beauty. With stunning sights on the mainland ranging from rugged coastlines and pristine beaches to the dramatic landscapes of the Azores archipelago, we have plenty to explore!








75° / 58° in

May & October


Green volcanic mountains & golden coastlines


Portuguese tile & pastel de nata

Life in the Azores

Nine volcanic islands make up this autonomous archipelago off the west coast of Portugal. Marked by deep teal waters and lush green hills due to the volcanic soil, the Azores are sometimes referred to as Europe's Hawai'i.

As we plan this Global Adventure, we hope to move from mainland to island to discover this North Atlantic treasure!

A Taste of Portugal

Portuguese dishes speak to the country's diverse landscape, from the freshest seafood to succulent meat and rich pastries. We'll get a true taste of what makes Portugal a culinary destination as we explore the its towns, coasts, and hills.

Try pastel de nata (sweet egg custard tarts) and bacalhau (salt cod).

The Global Adventures Experience

The Best Dang Team On The Planet

Tireless travel directors, local guides, trail runners, photography gurus, and staff medics...we're all here to make your experience one for the ages.

Ask Us Any Question

Our event directors love to talk all things 'Global Adventures'. From travel advice to making sure a trip meets your needs, there is no question too big or too small!

All of The Fun, None of The Work

We've done the hard parts for you. Once you book your trip, our expert team handles all the details. From mapping out scenic runs to finding the comfiest beds and local grub.

Plus, we take care of that boring stuff like local transportation and even laundry. 

All that's left is to book your flight and call in sick from work ;)

Who Goes On A Global Adventure?

Man with dreadlocks smiling as he runs towards the camera

Solo Travelers

connect with your curiosity

You can arrive solo, but you're never alone. Surrounded by like-minded travelers, you just may find your new travel companion — and a new favorite hobby to boot!

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Dating + Daring

Entertain novelty

You may be partners, but that doesn't mean you want the "typical" romantic getaway. You two are more of the high-adventure type.
Hop on in!

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Best Buds


When's the last time your friends have had an excuse to get away? If smiling and laughing your butts off while exploring beautiful destinations isn't a good enough reason to get together, we don't know what is!

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Turning a New Leaf

embolden your heart

Chin up and feet forward! You're looking for change or at least a week to turn your back on whatever you left behind. Escape, refresh, and leave with a new perspective.

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