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Super Secret

A reserved global adventure  |  April 8-15, 2023
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An experience you'll have to run to believe.

Pack your explorin' shoes and book your flight. This all-inclusive running adventure is best enjoyed with an open mind and a spirit of excitement!

Adventure alone or invite your best travel companion. We're visiting some of the best trails and sights of this beautiful country. It's so exclusive, most locals don't even know about the spots we've picked out!

Leave the logistics to us as we coordinate scenic morning runs and mixed afternoons of high adventure and laid-back cultural excursions.

Reserved for Past Global Adventures Participants

We require this because our Global Adventures trips are unique and the Super Secret location is best enjoyed if you are familiar with how we travel and operate.

Here's what we CAN tell you...

You're Responsible For:

Round-trip travel between your home and our rendezvous point at DFW. Read more info.

Once you're in Dallas, we'll have your tickets onward to our mystery destination.

Your Trip Details:

  • April 8-15, 2023
  • Includes flights from our rendezvous point to the mystery destination.
  • 8 day/ 7 night trip (Friday to Sunday)
  • 5 trail runs and hikes (7-12K) 
  • Daily afternoon activities

We Take Care Of:

  • Booking flights to our mystery destination from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)
  • Booking your hotel stays
  • Covering most meals and activity fees
  • Transportation between activities at our destination

We've got you covered with the things GA does best

Clear Communication

Your personal travel team will be in touch with you regularly starting 3 months before your trip.

Plus, we're just an email or phone call away if you have questions!

Expert Local Guidance

We believe in taking you beyond what you thought was possible.

That means you're getting a true backstage pass to a new country thanks to expert guides and off-the-beaten-track trail runs.

Quality Hotels & Experiences

You're putting your trust in us, so we've ensured you get top quality stays and activities in return. 

Every explorer deserves to unwind in style!

Where are we going?

That's for us to know and for you to find out, but here are a few hints:
Hint #1
It will be warm and humid

You'll probably encounter some mosquitos.

Hint #2
More chill, some thrill

Though we'll have some thrills, we're leaning into relaxation on this trip.

Hint #3
This trip is for those who like the less polished side of life
Hint #4
We may experience some underwater adventure...
Hint #5
The destination is outside of the US and is not part of our past or existing list of destinations

Still need more clues? Don't be shy, ask us your questions!

Leading up to registration, you can chat with Cherie to make sure this event is the right fit for you.

...and here's how  it works!

a blue sky with clouds and treetops
  • Step One: Book your Super Secret Global Adventure 
Passport with a plane ticket tucked inside

Reserve your coveted spot on our secret adventure. Then, book a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) where we'll all meet prior to our final destination.

Before you travel, we'll send you a packing list and some hints about your destination so that you can be prepared for...well, anything!

  • Step Two: Meet us at the rendezvous point by 10am on April 8!

When we all meet at DFW in Dallas, it's time for the Big Reveal. We're heading to...

Once we announce our destination, we'll all board a plane together to kick-off this epic and memorable adventure! Don't worry, this leg of our journey will be booked by the Global Adventures team.

green landscape with clouds and mist covering it
purple clouds in a hazy sky
Medal design for the super secret global adventure
  • Step Three: Get lost with us on a week-long running adventure 

You made it! Now, your only job is to chill out and enjoy a week of discovery — from scenic trails to tables of colorful food and everything in between.

At the end of the week, we'll say our final goodbyes and fly everyone back to Dallas.

You won't regret a moment.

Meet Your Host Country: The Great Unknown

Meet the planet we call home - Earth. With seven continents, two hemispheres, and a climate that goes from frigid to fiery, you never know what offerings planet Earth will bring next. Apart from sending you a packing list and weather expectations? We're not ones to spoil the surprise.

Instead, we believe in bringing you to experience it for yourself. Come with us as we fill our lungs with fresh air and dive in to explore a small part of this big world - just be prepared for stairs :)


Well, that would give it away, now wouldn't it?


Impromptu road-trips and giving gifts "just because"




86° / 77° in April

Ok, this one is for real!


The peaks and valleys of life 


Life's greatest explorer - you!

The Global Adventures Experience

The Best Dang Team In The World

Tireless travel directors, local guides, trail runners, photography gurus, and staff medics...we're all here to make your experience one for the ages.

Adventures Built for YOU.

Group travel can be daunting, so we're proud to offer community-first adventures with smaller group sizes and inclusive leadership.

Whether you're flying solo or bringing your BFFs, there's a place here for everyone.

All of The Fun, None of The Work

We've done the hard parts for you. Once you book your trip, our expert team handles all the details. From mapping out scenic runs to finding the comfiest beds and local grub.

Plus, we take care of that boring stuff like local transportation and even laundry. 

All that's left is to book your flight and call in sick from work ;)

Who Goes On A Global Adventure?

Man with dreadlocks smiling as he runs towards the camera

Solo Travelers

connect with your curiosity

You can arrive solo, but you're never alone. Surrounded by like-minded travelers, you just may find your new travel companion — and a new favorite hobby to boot!

A couple of runners climbing a hill at the Iceland Global Adventure

Dating + Daring

Entertain novelty

You may be partners, but that doesn't mean you want the "typical" romantic getaway. You two are more of the high-adventure type.
Hop on in!

Group of young women travelers with their arms in the air

Best Buds


When's the last time your friends have had an excuse to get away? If smiling and laughing your butts off while exploring beautiful destinations isn't a good enough reason to get together, we don't know what is!

Woman in ice trekking gear posing for the camera

Turning a New Leaf

embolden your heart

Chin up and feet forward! You're looking for change or at least a week to turn your back on whatever you left behind. Escape, refresh, and leave with a new perspective.

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Can't join this reserved trip in 2023?

Mystery lovers can still join the email list for future trip announcements.

Still got questions? Our team loves to talk to new adventurers! Schedule a chat with us.

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