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2021 Yosemite Half Marathon Virtual Swag Bag

(Race Date: May 8, 2021)

Welcome to your Virtual Expo!  

The Yosemite Half Marathon will take place in person, but there will not be an in-person race expo. Instead, we will have a drive-thru bib pickup + merchandise, and this virtual expo.

We love interacting with each of you at our expos, and we can't wait for that to be a part of our events again. In the meantime, our amazing sponsors still want to be a part of your race experience. Each sponsor has an offer or discount code to help keep you supplied, fueled, or trained for your next race!

Official Natural Supplement 

and CBD Sponsor


15% off all products!

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Nature's Sunshine changed the world as the first company to put herbs into easy-to-take capsules.

We travel the world seeking the earth's most pure and potent ingredients and use more than 600 tests to ensure each one of our herbal formulas is ready to do exactly what it's supposed to do. We want you to be powered by herbs. Use code NSPVR for 15% off your purchase!

Good luck Zion runners and don't forget YOU are a force of nature!

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Official Electrolyte Sponsor

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15% off all Gnarly products!

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We are stoked to have Gnarly as a continuing partner for our events! Gnarly is more than just a supplier of hydration. It is a company that inspires individuals to reach their true potential. Building sports nutrition that is clean, effective, and great-tasting is only a portion of how we help people reach their potential. Gnarly Focuses on building a culture that inspired consumers to "want more, do more and be more." 

As experts in the field of sports hydration and nutrition, Gnarly not only provides the product, but also strives to educate athletes on how to best use the product. This blog post about mid-race nutrition is particularly helpful for runners of all levels. Read more here!

Right now, you can get 15% off when you order through their website. Use code Vacation15 at check out! 

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Official Hydration Pack Sponsor

Nathan Virtual

20% off entire site!

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For over 30 years, Nathan has provided best-in-class essentials designed to help runners enhance and improve their performance, mile after mile and year after year. Our hydration vests and handhelds, waist and running packs, safety gear and apparel, offer a perfect balance of form, fit and function for athletes at all levels.  

Whether running a mile, a marathon or more, our wide range of running gear delivers on what matters most to our community – intuitive design, comfort, quality and smart storage. As the market leader, and inspired by your journey, Nathan continues to strive to offer runners with the best, purpose-driven solutions to have their best runs.

Code: VacationRaces20

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ParksProject Virtual

15% off site wide!

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Save on products from your favorite parks and support organizations like Yosemite Conservancy, Sierra Club, and National Parks Conservation Association. With every purchase supporting a vital projects in our national parks, you can feel good knowing that whatever you buy, you’re helping leave our parks better than we found them.

Celebrate the places you’ve explored or the ones still on your bucket list with apparel and home goods that fund advocacy and education, habitat and wildlife restoration, visitor and trail programs, or youth and next-generation initiatives across the country.

Code: VRACES for 15% off
(Excludes gift cards. One time use per person. Expires 12/31/21)



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10% off Outdoor Element Gear!

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Outdoor Element encourages all to discover the great outdoors and explore with confidence as you equip yourself with Outdoor Element gear. We love the outdoors; it’s in our veins. From multitool fire-starting carabiners to recycling your fuel canisters, we've got you covered.

Get 10% off Outdoor Element gear plus a portion of sales (20%) will be donated to the Wander Project! Use code WANDERPROJECT at check out. 

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Honey Stinger VE

Save 30% all year!

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Check out the newest items from Honey Stinger! Protein Waffles and Mini Waffles. Packed with real ingredients.

We are committed to making products that help you sting and keep you from getting stung. We are firm believers that you are what you eat, which is why we are passionate about using wholesome, organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. In addition, we think that your fuel should taste great. True Source Honey remains one of our key ingredients because it is not only delicious, but is also rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants. You can rely on Honey Stinger for energy, whenever and wherever your adventures take you.

30% off with code: hsvacationraces good all year at honeystinger.com



Kodiak Cakes

10% off your order!

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Before the days of over-processed, nutrient-deprived wheat, people relied on whole grains for the nourishment necessary to navigate life on the frontier. Here at Kodiak Cakes, we use 100% whole grains in every product we craft because they taste better and are full of fiber, B vitamins, and antioxidants to give you the long-lasting energy you need to explore your frontier — wherever that may be.

Get 10% off any order by using the code: VRaces10
(expires 12/31/21)

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Wander Project VE

Join Wander Project and Run for a Purpose in 2021!

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Wander Project is the official non-profit organization of Vacation Races and we have charity bibs available for ALL VR Half and Ultra Marathons! 

Our mission is to engage with athletes and racing events to support local communities by inspiring fundraising and service.

This year we are encouraging athletes to do more with their run and register for any Vacation Race as a Charity Bib runner!  All donations will be distributed through a grant process at the end of the year to help address local issues identified by community partners in the area.

We are excited to support the communities that inspire us to run!

Wander Projects is an official 501(c)3. Donations made to the Wander Project are tax-deductible.

If you are interested in how funds supported communities in 2020 check out the Wander Project Blog.

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Sign up for FREE training or attend a training camp!

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Special Offer: Use code VR150 to save $150 off the standard price of any of the full 2021 women's running camps or the co-ed trail camps, and VR120 to save $120 off the standard rate for either of the compact, 5 day, women's running camps. In addition there are group booking discounts available. Contact terry@activeataltitude.com for more information.

Meet Terry Chiplin, the creator of Active at Altitude and official training partner of the Vacation Races series. Terry offers free race specific training programs for beginner and intermediate runners that are delivered by email, as well as a training app for the same programs for most of the half marathon race series for a small cost! He also holds training camps for runners of all abilities, is a Lydiard running coach and positive running coach; he also provides race mindset programs for Vacation Races runners that help them switch to a positive mindset and focus before their race, and achieve more than they thought they could. He has years of experience and just happens to be one of the nicest guys around.

Active at Altitude hosts women’s running camps during the Summer at three levels depending on pace level - Beginner full and compact camps in June; Advanced camp in July, and Intermediate full and compact camps in August. Co-ed trail running camps are in May and September! You can see details on pace requirements for each level on their website.

They were successful in holding several of their camps in a modified format for Summer 2020 to ensure camper and staff safety, and will expand those offerings again for 2021. Active at Altitude created a specific COVID protocol for their 2020 camps - if you have any questions regarding their camps and COVID-19, please feel free to contact them.

Check out one of the many testimonials from one of the 2020 campers: "I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement I received from everyone at this camp. I left with much more confidence then I had when I arrived as well as so much knowledge and motivation. I made some forever friends with this incredible group and can't wait for next time! Absolutely the most amazing experience!" Mary, from FL

You can also earn a referral commission for introducing a friend who registers for any of the 2021 camps, even if you can’t attend! We couldn’t be happier to have Active at Altitude as a part of our race series. Contact camp director Terry Chiplin with any questions regarding camps, coaching, and training.

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