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Step 1: FAQ 

Below are general answers to your most frequent questions. Each race may be different - if we have to change details for a race we will update the race page and email runners the latest info.

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Want to view & modify your race registration?

All half marathon, ultras, and trailfest registrations can be managed on RunSignup.com. Log in to view your upcoming or past races, complete transfers, deferrals, or withdraw from a race!


Can I purchase "add-ons" after registering?

Yes! If you're not ready to choose an add-on when you register, you can opt in later up to a month before your race date.

Log in to RunSignup.com and modify your registration for your upcoming event.

Can I register at the event?

Online registration for our events closes a few days before the event, but you can register in person at the event.

However, we cannot guarantee a race shirt if you register in person. If additional race shirts are available, you can pick up a shirt at the finish line. You will still receive a medal.

Are there race discounts?

We offer discounts to military personnel and their families. Personnel can claim their discount as part of the registration process in RunSignup. Check out instructions and eligibility requirements on the policy page.

We offer discounts for members of the Native American tribe whose lands we cross during specific races. Currently, this applies to the Glacier Half (Blackfeet Nation) and Antelope Canyon Ultras (Navajo Nation). Please contact is directly to claim your discount!

At this time we do not offer any additional discounts. However, we encourage runners to volunteer at an event ($50 credit towards a future race) OR consider fundraising for a charity bib to support local communities and waive your registration cost.

I can't make it to the race - what options do I have?

We understand that things happen! If you can't make a race, you have three main options: Transfer you bib, defer to a future race, or request a refund.

Transfers, deferrals, and refunds are available until Late Registration period begins, around 3 months before your event. Processing fees may apply. Check the "register" tab on your race page for registration schedule.

All of these options are managed via your RunSignup account. However, you are responsible for finding a new runner to take your bib.

Is there an age limit to register for a race?

We have no age restriction to register for our races. Young and old alike run with us as part of our community! 

Minors are welcome to run our half marathons. We just ask that the minor's guardian reads through the race info and feels confident that they can complete the course.


How can I get a refund?

You can withdraw from the race for a refund via your RunSignup.com account. Refunds are ONLY offered during the Early and Regular Registration periods of your race. There is a $10 processing fee.

NO refunds: During Late Registration period, due to inclement weather, or for items that have already shipped. 

How close to the race can I get a refund?

Once the race Late Registration period starts, we can no longer allow refunds. Late registration typically starts 3 months before the start of the event.

Exact dates can be found in the registration tab on each race page.

How long will the refund take to process?

You should receive your refund within 7-10 business days. If you have not received your refund after 2 weeks, please reach out to us below.

What happens if a race gets cancelled?

While we cannot guarantee refunds in the case of an unforeseen event cancellation, we will always do our best for our runners! 

If your race is cancelled, your race director will send you an email with options.

Deferrals & Transfers

How can I defer/upgrade a race?

You can defer your registration to a different race or event via your RunSignup account. This is allowed until the start of the Late Registration period, about 3 months before the start of the event.

Upgrading to a Double or Quad? Each Double/Quad is treated as a standalone event. You can follow the standard transfer process in Run Signup and choose your Double/Quad from the list, paying the difference at checkout.

DO NOT try to purchase each half marathon or 5K separately - you will not be eligible for the swag or medals associated with the Double/Quad.

NOTE: If you deferred into this race or transferred from another race your race credit will be $0 and we will need to help you upgrade your event. Contact us via the form below.

How can I transfer my bib to another runner?

You can transfer your race via your RunSignup account. This is allowed until the start of the Late Registration period, about 3 months before the start of the event.

You can complete the transfer as a gift ($20 fee and no refund) or in exchange for a refund. After the new runner successfully registers at the current registration price the original registrant will receive a refund of their registration fee (minus a $10 transfer fee).

How do I pick up a bib that was transferred to me?

If you completed the transfer via RunSignup, you can pick up your bib at the race expo (Friday before the race) or choose to have it shipped to you if you still have more than a month before race day.

If the transfer was less than a week before the race - head to the Bib Pick-up tents at the race expo or race morning. Bring your ID and a copy of the original runner's confirmation email.

NOTE: If you are picking up your bib on race morning, make sure to give yourself extra time!

Will I receive a refund after transferring my bib?

If you transferred into another race (also called a deferral) - Depending on the price of the race you transfer into, you will receive a credit or pay the difference at checkout. 

If you transferred to a runner as a gift - there will be no refund and you will be charged a $20 processing fee.

If you transferred for a refund - your refund will be processed minus the $20 processing fee AFTER the transfer recipient has completed their registration in Run Signup. If they do not complete the transfer, no refund is issued and the original runner may still use their bib.

How can I defer to a future race?

You can defer your race under My Registered Races when you log into RunSignup.com. This is allowed until the start of the Late Registration period, about 3 months before the start of the event.

Your deferral credit must be used within 1 year of the date your defer or it will expire.

NOTE: A deferral is a two-step process. Once you defer a race, you will need to choose a new race to defer into. You may need to wait until registration opens for a future race to complete this step...come back to Run Signup anytime to finish your deferral!

Step 2: Policies

These are in-depth company or series-wide policies.

Still need answers? Get in touch.


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm

Our service team respond to emails in the order they are received. In order to keep your place in the queue, you should refrain from sending multiple emails as that will move you to the bottom of the queue.

It is our goal to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours. Inquiries received over the weekend will be responded to within 24-48 hours after our team returns to the office on Mondays. Thank you for your patience.

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