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Vacation Races was founded in 2012 by Salem Stanley on the idea that runners deserve more from a race, they want a complete experience. Going to a race is an opportunity to break out of your routine, discover a new place, meet other runners, and push your personal limits. You shouldn't have to deal with crowded cities, congested traffic, smog, and cup-covered race courses. Our National Parks provide a breathtaking backdrop for the most scenic races in the world. Spend the morning running among friends and absorbing natures beauty, then spend a few hours (or days) hiking, exploring, and enjoying the serenity of the National Parks. Either way, you'll set a personal record for the best vacation ever!

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Vacation Races

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Half Marathons

Everglades Half Marathon logo
Glacier Half Marathon logo
Grand Canyon Half Marathon logo
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Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon logo
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Lake Powell Half Marathon logo
Mount Rushmore Half Marathon logo
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Shenandoah Half Marathon logo
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Yosemite Half Marathon logo
Zion Half Marathon logo

Ultra Marathons

Antelope Canyon Ultra Marathons logo
Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathons logo
Zion Ultra Marathons logo


Coastal Redwoods Trailfest logo
Grand Circle Trailfest Logo 1
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