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Fat Trainer

Holland Newton

Think you can't lose weight?

Whether you’re out of shape, over weight, under weight, raising children, a former athlete, looking for the edge, ignorant about food or know someone who is, this book is for you.

As a certified personal trainer, Holland Newton struggled with his weight just like many of his clients. After a lifetime of being at some level of “overweightedness,” Holland was finally able to put together the key aspects of fitness and nutrition to lose his excess weight, gain confidence, and apply all the principles he knew to be true, but could never fully realize...until now.

Come along with Holland as he shares his story of how he finally put it all together to get in shape. Learn the value of lifting, cardio, nutrition, goals and intangibles so that you might change your life and help those that you care about the most. 



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This was an easy read book. The author is very likable and the information is great. It is a book that can help the average Joe/ Jane take control of their life and their weight. 


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The is the first book that I was able to finish within 3 days. I like the way Holland cut through all the fat and got straight to the meat of the situation. He comes across as an ordinary human being just like the rest of us.

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