Running Teams

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How Teams Work

Register for a half marathon as a qualifying team and run with the support of your friends. All sizes and skill levels of groups are welcome, but we consider a complete team to be a group of 6-12 runners. Only groups in this size are eligible for team awards.

We can't wait to see your team out on the course!

Registering as a Team

Most of our half marathons offer a team registration option. There are no relays, but there is a team prize to compete for. Runners on a team of 6-12 members will be automatically entered in the team category.

The 1st person to register will create the team name. All other team members will select the team name during registration.

Please be considerate when choosing a team name. Any name team names we deem offensive will be changed to “Team A,” “Team B” etc.

Team Scoring

Teams will be scored similarly to cross country scoring. All runners in the team category will be placed according to their finish time. We will add up the placing for the top 5 runners from each team and the team with the lowest score will win. At least 6 members must finish for the team to score.

Team Sizes

Eligible teams are between 6 and 12 people, but only the 5 fastest runners will be part of the score. Any other runners on your team can act as pushers or displacers. Teams with more than 12 members will not be eligible for bonus discounts.


I registered by myself - can I still join a team?

Yes, you can add yourself to a team by following these instructions:

  1. Sign In to RunSignUp
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Click Manage Registration
  4. Click Team from the menu option
  5. Share, update details, and manage your Group/Team from here

Can we register a team at the Ultras?

Nope - only half marathons that are part of the National Park Half Marathons series have teams. Ultras events and the trail half marathons that are part of them do NOT offer team options.

Is there a team discount?

We don't currently offer discounts for teams running together, but don't let that stop you! Running with a team is a great way to support others towards the finish line.

The race is a sold out - can I still join my team?

Are you already registered as an individual? Yes, you can join your team by modifying your registration info via your Run Signup account.

Are team members also eligible for individual runner awards?

Yes! All team members compete both for team and individual award.

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