Human-friendly Summary

We use industry-standard website traffic pattern analysis tools to help us answer questions like:

- "Which race do people seem most interested in?"
- "Which 'Help' page are people looking at the most?"
- "How well is this page communicating race details to runners?"

These tools don't collect personally identifiable information about you. What we see is roughly what city our visitors live in, what types of devices are being used to visit our site, etc. This helps us to make using our site better for you. 

If you choose to give us your email address (usually by subscribing to email updates or by registering for a race) we never send an email unless we believe it is highly relevant to your interests (for example critical updates leading up to race day, price jump deadlines, registration deadlines, etc.). We give you full control over what types of emails you receive from us. If you opt out, we honor that. 

We share demographic patterns (e.g., percentage of women vs. men, age groups, top states, etc.) with some vendors and sponsors. Your personal identity is always protected. This is non-personally identifiable information.

We do not give out or sell your identifiable information (including name and email address). 

Nitty Gritty Legal Details

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