Raise Money for a Great Cause

We’re excited to announce our  Charity Bib Program.  By participating you not only receive a complimentary bib toward any Ultra Adventure Race but also raise money for several great causes.  Many of our events are sold out and more will be soon, but we’ve reserved 10  bibs per event for people looking to help fund-raise for the Navajo Nation and the National Parks. Please note that registering for a charity bib is a serious commitment.

To get one of the charity bibs you will need to raise $1000-$2000 (depending on your distance). 100% of the money raised will go to charities benefiting the Navajo Nation or our partner the National Park Foundation!

How it works

First, you’ll register for a charity bib. Once you have completed registration you are on the hook to raise at least the agreed upon donation. You have until the deadline listed on the page (1 week before the race) to get donations from businesses, friends and family. You’ll be provided a link to send anyone where they can donate and contribute to your fundraiser. If by the deadline, you are short you will have the option to pay the balance or forfeit your bib. So, for example, if you sign up for a charity bib for the 50 mile distance and you raise $1400 before the race event, you would be responsible to pay the remaining $100. If you raise exactly or more than the goal, you will not be charged anything.

We’re excited about this opportunity to raise additional money for the Navajo and the National Park Foundation. We hope this charity bib option gives you the chance to run in this race!

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