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The success of every event we produce depends on volunteers, but for critical positions we need a little bit extra. We're excited to announce our new Civilian Production Corps. If selected, you will receive direction from the Race Expo and Race Operations managers and will likely be responsible for managing our volunteers at the event. 

Requirements vary from race to race but generally we need reliable people who can take direction, can work well with others and who know how to work hard. You will represent Vacation Races to our customers so a positive attitude and the ability to be nice to people when under stress is a requirement.

CPC members are generally more familiar with Vacation Races production standards than the average runner. They have attended multiple VR events in some capacity and are supportive of the overall mission of the company. If this sounds like you, apply today!

Not all applicants will be selected, but we will do our best to give as many people a chance as we can. Please make sure you review the requirements for the CPC before applying. You can find those listed below.


All members of the CPC will receive:

  • Unique CPC SWAG
  • Meals while working
  • Free race entries

Some CPC members may be eligible for travel reimbursement and/or financial compensation on an event by event basis.

Opportunities & Job Descriptions

Work at our race expo means you will be on your feet working hard before the race, but you may still be allowed to participate in the race. The time frame required is typically Thursday evening and all day Friday for the half marathons and all day Thursday, Friday & Saturday for the Ultras. This is more customer facing, and thus is better suited to those who can maintain a positive attitude even under duress.

  • Race Expo Jobs
  • Race Production Crew

Race Expo Jobs

Race Expo jobs require help loading and unloading equipment from trucks. In addition you will be responsible for one or more of the following jobs

  • Setup/Teardown - This involves setting up and taking down tents, moving boxes, setting up signage. Anyone with responsibilities to tear down should not run in the race.
  • Check-in Management - This involves being savvy with a computer. You will be the first person to greet runners when they arrive and you will help identify the runner and secure their bib. Attention to detail is critical here. This work is normally all done the day before the race, and the hour before the race starts on race day.
  • Race Shirt Distribution - This position ensures all runners get the shirt they registered for.
  • HydraPouch Distribution - This position distributes hydrapouches, but also ensures runners become familiar with our cup-free system.
  • Volunteer Management - This position will check in those who have volunteered and will help make sure those volunteers get a shirt and escorted to their CPC team for training.
  • Race Information Booth - This position requires familiarity with the event in a big way. It also requires you to not give out bad information if you don’t have an answer. This is a critical position given to those with good judgement.
  • S’more Station - This positions includes all the chocolate you can eat :) You will need to setup the station, start the fire, and help people make a s’more. The hardest part will be telling the kids to stop eating so many s’mores.
  • Awards - This position will help organize the awards and will help hand the out at the awards ceremony. Attention to detail is extremely important here.
  • Campground Host - At some events, we need someone to check-in campers and to be the point of contact when campers need something. It is typically a 3 day position from Thursday to Sunday but may vary by event.
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The CPC is named after the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942, whose labor in building the park system still create fruits for us today. Learn More

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