What is it?

If you hadn't noticed we LOVE nature and we're very passionate about encouraging people to spend some time outside. In fact, we're so passionate we want to reward you for doing it. 

For each race in our National Park Half Marathons series, we've prepared a list of hikes that we strongly recommend. Go on one of these hikes within 72 hours of the race and get a picture there (with your medal and bib) and share it with us (form below) and we'll add you to that year's commemorative poster. 

How it works

  • 1
    Check the list of Club Hikes for the race you're attending
  • 2
    Do one of the recommended hikes within 72 hours of the race (take your bib and medal with you)
  • 3
    Have someone take your picture (with your bib & medal) at the hike destination
  • 4
    Submit your photo using the form below.

What you'll receive for your accomplishment

We'll collect all the submitted photos and make a beautiful collectible poster to commemorate your accomplishment that you can download free. 

  • Free downloadable poster (PDF)
  • Free collectible medallion
  • Option to purchase printed poster for $15 $10
Example Hiking Clubs Poster
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