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We created this program to say thank you to the many social clubs that support athletes attending our race series. We know there are a lot of options out there and we hope this shows bit of our appreciation and also makes joining our races a little more fun.

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What is a Running Club?

A running club loosely defined is an organization for people interested in running. They come in all varieties. Some are geographically organized, others exist only online and unite people with similar specific interests. There is no set model for what constitutes a running club, and it is not our intent to verify or police the clubs that register with us. But generally, we define a running club as any group of runners organized with the intention of motivating each other, holding each other accountable, creating a support network, facilitating opportunities to achieve goals, and uniting over common interests. A running club will typically have:

  • A club president
  • 10 or more members
  • An official club name
  • Goals
  • Some sort of forum where they can "meet" (either in person or online)
  • Organized group runs (social gatherings, races they participate in together, etc.)

Club Benefits

Club managers will receive a few "thank you" items via email to encourage members to get moving:

A club discount code*: Share this with your club members and they'll receive a discount on any VR races (excludes Global Adventures and Trailfest). 

One free race entry*: Award this to a club member or auction it off for charity! 

*These codes must be used at the time of registration and cannot be applied retroactively.

For more information on the Vacation Races Clubs Program feel free to email:

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