How to Save Money on Our Races

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"I really want to attend one of your events. Are there ways I can save money on your races?" This is a question we are often asked, and we get it — everyone loves a good deal! Planning, promoting, and setting up our events doesn't happen while we sleep — though sometimes race planning does creep into our dreams. Because of the time and cost we invest in these races, we don't offer traditional sales or promo codes. That said, there are still a few ways to save money on our races.

1. Register Early: Don't wait to register. We repeat, do not wait to register. Many of our races sell out quickly, and if you think you want to run, sign up right away to lock in the very best pricing. As time goes on, prices increase because we have to start paying for things like road permits, race medals, and more. Your registration ensures we have the resources to cover everything we need to provide you with a great experience. Maybe you're on the fence about registering for a race. We say go for it. If you change your mind, you're protected by our ridiculously generous (and unique — most race organizations don't offer refunds) refund policy. Our policy covers race transfers, deferments, refunds, upgrades, and cancellations. Once you've registered for the race, start locking down your travel details. The further in advance you set up your flights and lodging, the more money you'll save. 

2. Volunteer: We always need people to help set-up and tear-down our events, run expo booths, assist aid stations, etc. For volunteering your time, you earn credit toward future races in values of $50 or $100. Pro-tip: bring your non-runner friends to help out and "borrow" their earned credit. Earned credit can be gifted to anyone.

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3. Military Discount: Okay, this one isn't available for everyone, but we give members of the military and their families special treatment including discounted registration fees and some additional refund, transfer, and deferment options. Learn more about our special military programs.

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