Volunteering at Trailfest

Volunteer with Us!

We can't do these events without the help of our crew and amazing volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, volunteer spots with specific shifts will become available as we get closer to the event.

Because Trailfest is a multi-day event you may want to volunteer more than once. A typical volunteer shift is for 4 hours. However, If you plan to volunteer for more than one shift and for more than one day you may receive a few extra perks.

Check out the volunteer categories before you sign up!

Choose Your Category and Sign Up:

Standard Volunteer

A Vacation Races volunteer is never 'standard', they are amazing and we are so grateful! Volunteering can be fun and rewarding. If you sign up for a volunteer shift, you will receive a volunteer shirt and will earn $50 or $100 in credit that can be used at a future event.

Super Volunteer

If you plan on being at Trailfest for the duration and would like to help fill multiple shifts, you'll join us as a Super Volunteer. For your help, you will receive: 

  • A $50 or $100 credit per shift that can be used towards a future race*
  • One volunteer shirt
  • Meal tickets**
  • Tent campsite***

If you fall into this category please do not sign up for standard volunteer spots on RunSignup. Instead, send us an email below and mention which days you are available and your capacity to help. We will contact you with a few more details to get you squared away.

* The credit amount will depend on the volunteer task.

** The amount of meal tickets offered are dependent on the number of days you volunteer. 

*** If you are traveling with a registered runner you won't need an additional tent campsite as your spot is counted with their registration.

Volunteers at the Race Expo

Thank you for volunteering!

It's thanks to individuals like YOU that Vacation Races has grown into the vibrant community we love. Please remember to treat all race participants with respect and let our staff know if you have any concerns.

Interested in a larger role? Join our race crew and work on more race opportunities through out the year. Reach out to info@www.vacationraces.com for more info.

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