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APRIL 12-14TH 2018

**Please note, this is our inaugural year and all courses are subject to change.

Day 1: Mt Tamalpais State Park (Permit Pending) - We're still working on our permit for this possible first course. We're hoping for a course in Mt Tamalpais State Park! If the permit goes through, it will include views of redwoods and some coastal running! Stay tuned for more details.

Day 2/3*: Skyline Trail (12.9 miles) - This course runs along the skyline trail between Wunderlich and Duddart parks! View a map here!

Day 2/3*: Pescadero (16.5 miles) - This course will take you through Pescadero Creek Park and Sam McDonald County Park, where you will be surrounded by redwoods and lots of other vegetation! View a map here!

*Due to the nature of these two trail runs, we'll have half of our runners doing Pescadero on Day 2, and the other half on Day 3. The same with the Skyline Trail course.

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