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Antelope Canyon Ultras  |  March 11-12, 2023

Welcome to your Virtual Swag Bag!

Take a look at these offers from our sponsors to get you ready for Antelope Canyon and beyond.

Official Series Sponsors

These much loved sponsors help our team put on quality races and keep runners happy and hydrated. You'll see their products at all of our events this year!

Hydro Flask 20190906 HF EVERGREEN COLORADO 1948 scaled

Hydro Flask

Official Water Bottle | Learn more

Check out our favorite water bottles from Hydro Flask. We'll have exclusive bottles for sale at the merchandise keep your eyes open!

Outdoors Gear

Virtual SWAG BAG Handled and Firebiner VR 1

Outdoor Element

Offer: 15% off OE gear 

Plus! We'll donate another 10% to Wander Project.


Outdoors Gear 

Shrooms Two Person Hammock Parks Project 5

Parks Project

Offer: 15% off online!

Code: VRACES15

Excludes gift cards. Expires Dec 31, 2023. 

Outdoors Gear & Apparel

Antelope Canyon Exclusives

Local, like-minded organizations - these sponsors are joining us for just this race. This is your chance to check them out!

30 AlterEgo WaterOnHats scaled

Alter Ego

Offer: 25% off entire order!

Code: VR25

Expires Dec 31, 2023. 

Outdoors Gear & Apparel 

ad for Desert Healing VItamins IV Hydration Therapy

Desert Healing Vitamins

Offer: 20% off bookings made before the event & 10% off bookings made during the event!

Follow them on IG to get 10% off your next visit:


Race Recovery

Discount code 'Race15' for La Colombe Coffee

La Colombe Coffee

Offer: 15% your online order!

Code: race15

Food & Nutrition

Cartons of Bored Cow vegan-friendly chocolate milk in colorful packaging

Bored Cow

Offer: 15% discount offline!


Expires May 18, 2023.

Food & Nutrition

Biomechanics Labs Antelope Canyon Only

Biomechanics Labs

Offer: 15% off online!


Race Recovery

Image courtesy of Quino Al on Unsplash

University of Arizona

Trail Running Research Study

Participate and earn a $150 Gift Card to REI, Amazon, or Target

Space is limited so sign up today!

Research Study

Runner Box Sponsors

Look out for their products in your runner box at the finish line! Have a taste and use their swag bag discount to fuel your next run.

Outdoors person holding Barnana plantain nuggets while on a hike


Offer: 20% off online!

Code: VRACES20

Expires Dec 31st, 2023

Food & Nutrition



Impossibly good trail mix.

Offer: 20% Off Online!

Code: VR2023

Food & Nutrition

That's It Real Fruit Bars

That's It

Plant-based snacks made from real fruit!

Food & Nutrition

logo with wander project and a lantern

Meet our official Non-Profit Partner

Our mission is to engage with athletes and racing events to support local communities by inspiring fundraising and service.

This year we are encouraging athletes to do more with their run and register for any Vacation Race as a Charity Bib runner! All donations will be distributed through a grant process at the end of the year to help address local issues identified by community partners in the area.

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