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You can now experience your first, or fiftieth 50k with a new service to help capture and cover your experience at Zion. Vacation Races has teamed up with Becoming Ultra, a media and coaching platform that focuses on the stories of ultra runners, to help capture your triumphs, hardships, and everything in between!

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Our Goal

We want to help you make your experience running the Zion 50K unforgettable. We believe that each runner, no matter their speed is just as important as the elites that finish in the top 10. Instead of covering the top 10 runners, we've teamed up with Becoming Ultra to bring race coverage to first time and middle of the pack racers. It's you who is the heart and soul of the sport of ultra running, and we want to recognize that.

For friends and family, it's often difficult to explain or portray the highs and lows of an ultra race because spectator access can be sparse or tricky. We make it easy to for you to share and to relive the moments from the race. For those registered for the 2019 Zion Ultras 50K, runners have a unique opportunity of race coverage service to capture those moments before, during, and after the race.

-------------Race Coverage Package-------------

50K Personal Coverage

The personal coverage service includes video, interviews, and images of the day specific to each individual. Not only will there be imagery from all over the course on race day, our team will be specifically capturing your day with mini interviews along the course as well as pre and post event! Instead of trying to remember every detail through a handful of blurry pics you took while running let us capture your day for you.

This is a beta service and we will only be taking applicants on a first come first served basis. Once you have registered you will be connected with the team at Becoming Ultra to give some basic information and receive more instruction to get the most out of the service.

Your personal coverage experience will be delivered in a shared file in the cloud that you can go download for a keepsake forever. 

The service is $175 for the full coverage and delivery!

We all have a story to share. What's yours?

*Race coverage application is only available to registered runners of the Zion 50K ultra marathon which takes place on Saturday, April 13th 2019.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • A runner may purchase an add-on to their current race registration within the "store" section of the Zion Ultras 50K on There is a short form to be filled out as part of the application process.   
  • Becoming Ultra will contact the runner to collect a biography, and images to share with our audience on social media. They may also reach out to runners for interviews via phone/video conference prior to the Zion Ultras 50K race.
  • The runner needs to be willing to have members of the Vacation Races and Becoming Ultra team interview them throughout the race to share their experience from beginning to end. No matter the outcome. We do our best not to distract from the mental strain of the race, but runners must understand that this process will take additional time during the event.
  • Race-day content creation will take place at the start and finish line, as well as 2-3 aid stations or other locations on the course.

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