Zion Half Marathon

March 2, 2024  |  springdale, utah

Zion Half Marathon

March 2, 2024  |  springdale, utah

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Race Day

Expo & Bib Pickup

Quick Info
  • 2/5 difficulty
  • Paved uphill P2P course
  • Shuttles to/from the race
  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible
  • 60° / 33° F
  • St. George (SGU) and more options

Race Raves: 4.8/5

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Get to Know Your Course

  • Race Start: 7:00AM MT expected (4hr time limit)

Type: Paved uphill P2P course

  • Weather: 33°/60°F
  • Accessible to: Strollers and wheelchairs

Course Map

Course Description

The race begins in Virgin, UT where participants will run on a partially closed road that winds and climbs uphill as it follows the curves of the Virgin River.

You'll run on Hwy 9 through small but unique towns before getting on a paved path parallel to the road passing the town of Grafton and through Rockville with stunning views of the south west side of Zion.

You'll finish in Springdale in front of Cable Mountain Lodge near the gateway to the South entrance of Zion National Park!

A man running on paved road


You'll be on a wide paved road for this race and will switch to a paved trail. 

Course Difficulty

  • 2/5 Difficulty
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Steady incline, paved terrain


We recommend training on paved ground with an extended uphill section. Check out the downloadable training plan PDF!

Aid Stations (Bring your own cup!)

image of a blue foldable cup with the Nathan brand name on it

All aid stations are cup-free so remember to bring your own hydration solution or request a FREE Nathan reusable cup when you register.

Expect about 6 aid stations on the course near mile 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12 (Exact locations vary). A medic will be stationed typically at the aid station at or near mile 9. Aid stations include toilets, water, Gnarly Hydrate, Honey Stinger gels, basic first aid supplies, and sometimes more. Cups are not provided on course to help reduce waste.

Additional Details


Support Our

Park Communities

Fundraise for your chosen race and your registration fee could be waived. All funds go to Wander Project to support efforts in and around the communities that host our events.

Learn more about Wander Project >>

Now YOU choose whether the funds you raise support a WP community partner or an organization that matters to you!

Volunteer with Us!

Our volunteers help runners at the race expo, finish line, merchandise tent, and beyond! Join us for a 3-4hr shift and earn a $50 or $100 credit towards a future race (credits can be gifted!) 

Pro-tip: Volunteer at the expo and run the next day OR ask a friend to volunteer and "gift" you the credit (or use it themselves!)


Train with Vacation Races

FREE PDF download for each event!

No matter what your skill level, when you're pushing your limits it's nice to have a little guidance! We're excited to offer FREE training programs for all levels.

Know Your Guidelines

- Read your race details! Following event rules helps us to put on safe, sustainable events.

- We are a cup-free event! Please stick to reusable water bottles and avoid bringing disposable items to the race.

- Be courteous towards fellow runners on and off the course!

Join the Community

Vacation Races is honored to have a community of runners who actively support one another! We highly recommend joining one our Facebook groups to get input from other runners, share stories, and learn about the latest updates.

Zion Half Race Details

Come here to prepare for your race!

Race Expo & Bib Pickup

You have a couple of options for picking up your bib and race packet including at the Race Expo, the start line, or we can mail it to you. 

Option #1: Race Expo
Expos are typically held on the Friday before the race. We’ll have our merchandise table set up, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Option #2: Race Morning (not recommended)
We will have limited race morning bib and packet pickup on race morning at the start line. Get there early!

Option #3: Shipped Before the Race ($30)
You can add a shipped bib to your registration until one month before the race by logging into RunSignup, clicking Manage Registration, and Add Ons.

Refunds: Once your package is shipped, you are officially checked in to the race and no longer qualify for our refund, deferment, or transfer options.

Race Expo (Bib Pickup Available)

  • March 1, 2024
  • Expo: TBD through the afternoon
  • Bib Pickup: Open until 1 hour after the expo closes
  • Cable Mountain Lodge (Springdale, UT)

This is your chance to see the area, pick up your bib packet, and check out merchandise. We'll have a variety of swag from shirts and tanks to our favorite Hydro Flasks and everything in-between.

See you there!

Bring Your Own Bag
In our ongoing effort to eliminate waste during our races, our expos are bagless events. We encourage you to BYOB (bring your own bag) to hold your bib, race shirt, and any goodies you pick up from the race expo!

Race Schedule

All times are listed in Mountain Time.

Friday - Race Expo

TBD Afternoon Hours » Race expo and bib pickup open to all runners

PM » Bib pickup closes

Saturday - Race Day (expected)

4:30 AM » Shuttles start loading for the start line
5:10 AM » Last-minute bib pickup opens (at start line)

6:00 AM » Last start line shuttle leaves
6:45 AM » Runners line up & last call for gear check
6:55 AM » National Anthem
7:00 AM » Race starts!
9:45 AM » Awards Ceremony

Arrive early & get ready with us

We encourage runners to arrive early on race morning. Find a parking spot, grab some Summit Coffee or hot chocolate, and listen for updates from our race announcer (they're the one with the megaphone and early-bird energy)!

Parking & Shuttles

Start Line Shuttles

Please Note: There is NO START LINE PARKING. All runners should plan to take a shuttle to or get dropped off at the start line on race morning.

Shuttles from: Springdale, Utah

Runners staying in Springdale should plan to take a shuttle race morning to the start line. Shuttles will pick up runners from the following locations:  

   1) Cable Mountain Lodge
   2) La Quinta Inn & Suites
   3) Holiday Inn Express
   4) Alternate from 2023: Small lot across from Majestic View Lodge (No parking available)

All shuttles will begin boarding at 4:30 am. DO NOT BE LATE. If you are staying in Springdale near these stops, the race shuttle will be a convenient option. This shuttle is for runners only.

Map showing shuttle pickup and dropoff locations along Zion Park Boulevard at Cable Mountain Lodge, La Quinta, Holiday Inn Express, and the small lot near Majestic View Lodge.

Springdale: Race Shuttle Pickup & Drop-off Locations

Shuttles from: La Verkin, Utah

Shuttles will pick up near the designated parking areas in La Verkin. The two pickup spots are on either side of SR-9 so you won’t have to cross the street. The two pickup locations are:

1) Between Best Western and River Rock Roasting Co.

2) In front of the city office building.

Map showing parking ares for the shuttle pickup in La Verkin

La Verkin: Race Shuttle Pickup & Drop-off Locations

Runner Drop-off

  • NO PARKING at the start line
  • Time frame: 5:00-6:00am to avoid road closures

If you do not want to use a shuttle, you may have someone drop you off at the start line. However, there is no parking here. There is a strict time limit as we will be closing the road to allow for the race to start on time. Please be prepared with all of your gear in hand, and exit the vehicle quickly so your driver may promptly leave the drop off area.


From SR-9, turn north onto Kolob Terrace Rd. and drop-off in the designated area. Then, continue driving forward and turn left onto Pocketville Rd., then exit back onto the highway.

map of runner drop-off area n Kolob Terrace Rd off of SR-9

Runner drop-off directions on SR-9. Click for larger image.

Finish Line/Post-Race Shuttles 

  • Finish line shuttle will bring runners back to both Springdale and La Verkin shuttle stops after the race
  • Spectators: The La Verkin shuttle will NOT bring you to the finish line. Please use the Springdale shuttle stops.
  • Non-stop from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Map of the shuttle pickup locations returning runners to Springdale and La Verkin at the Zion Half Marathon finish line

Click the image for a larger size!

Shuttles will run round trips from the finish line to the other 3 race-related shuttle stops in Springdale for both runners and spectators. Shuttles will also take runners back to their vehicle in La Verkin (including one stop by the Fairfield Inn, in Virgin). There is NO spectator pickup or return for the shuttles that go to La Verkin.

Spectator Note:

Spectators will need to use paid town parking in Springdale and walk to one of the 3 shuttle stops utilized by the race. Shuttles to and from the finish line begin at 8:30am. If you are near enough to the finish line, or your runner might finish before post-race shuttles start running, please consider walking to the finish line in front of Cable Mountain Lodge.


There will be no event parking at the finish line. 

Spectators Shuttles
  • Shuttles running from 8:30am-12:00pm
  • Spectator Pickup: all Springdale shuttle stops
  • No Spectator pickup from La Verkin shuttle stops

Spectators will need to use paid town parking in Springdale or park at a Springdale shuttle stop in order to access the finish line. Although shuttles will drop runners off in La Verkin, they will not pick you up! They are intended for runner use only.

Check out the Springdale shuttle info for exact pickup/drop-off locations.


We ask that you be respectful of the Park’s request that we not use the Visitor Center parking lot for race spectating and finish line access. 

Per the park's request, please avoid entering the park between 10am and 2pm to avoid overcrowding and traffic.

Zero Waste

As nature lovers, we are committed to keeping our events sustainable and managing negative impacts on the environment. Here's how you can help us:


Single-use plastic is a huge source of waste at any public event. We have reduced that impact by making our events "cup-free". 

What does that mean for you?

Coolers of Water and Gnarly Hydrate (electrolyte drink) are available at all aid stations, but cups will not be provided on course or at the finish line. In order to stay hydrated, we ask you to bring one of the following:

1. Reusable water bottle

2. Nathan reusable cup - These light-weight cups fold into a pocket or waistband. Request one when you sign up to run!

3. Hydration pack - These are refillable backpacks meant for running that allow you to access fluid via a built-in straw.

image of the foldable Nathan cup next to a person folding the cup into their waistbag

Stay hydrated on course with a reusable cup!


You can help us reduce trash by sorting disposable items into the appropriate container. 

You’ll notice three containers at our events:

  • Compostables: Organic goods like banana peels and most food items (without the wrapper please!)
  • Recyclables: Paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, and glass. Please dump out any liquids into the compost bin BEFORE recycling the container.
  • Everything Else: Non-recyclable food wrappers like from used gel packets and styrofoam. Please dump out any food matter BEFORE throwing away the container.

Please avoid putting organic waste and compostable items in the wrong bin. It gets gross to sort through.

Race Results


Race results are always available to you approximately 20 minutes after the race via your RunSignup account. We will also have a Race Results tent located near the finish line with QR codes for easy scanning.

If you see that you placed, but didn't stick around for the awards ceremony, no worries! You can request to have your place medal shipped to you!

If you have questions about your placement or results, please email timing@runsum.com.

Share your experiences with us! 
Be sure to use #ZionHalf in any photos you post from the race or your adventures exploring the park so we can share in the fun with you!

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