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Vacation Races was founded in 2012 when we launched registration for the Inaugural Zion Half Marathon. Since then, we’ve added five more races to our calendar, each centered around a different National Park. Our goal is to put on beautiful half marathons and get people to visit and enjoy our amazing national parks. Learn about our convenient refund options, excellent military pricing, and innovative cup-less policy on each of our race websites.

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National Parks Series Annual Pass

Get ready for an EPIC year of travel and exploring our Nation’s parks! Whether you’re just running at your favorite parks or planning to complete the entire series, there’s an annual pass for you! The annual pass offers a great value, but without some of the flexibility a regular registration offers. Learn more here.


Virtual Races

What is a virtual race?
Technology allows community interaction, without demanding that we all be in the same place at the same time. Virtual Races provide runners the opportunity to participate in an awesome race event from wherever they are!
Why should I run?
Filling out your race calendar is becoming increasingly more expensive and wasteful! Virtual Races keep race entries low and allow you the flexibility to run when and where you want. You can be a part of the global running community whether you are physically running by yourself or you are meeting up with other local runners to participate in these events. Click on the race to find out more!


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Apps to run with

    Virtual races put the timing of the race into each individuals hands. There are so many watches and apps, we wanted to know what people are using to time themselves. I like to use my iPhone when I run. My favorite app is Nike Running, but I have used Runkeeper and others at […]

Turkey Trot Awards

We will be giving out awards and prizes as part of the race. You must report your time the same day as the race in order to be entered. Keep in mind, we don’t award the fastest times, but we reward other things. Most of the prizes only require you to report your time. However, […]

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